can i get matching business cards, postcards, letterhead, etc?

Biondo Studio - print workyes! it’s nice to have everything match and to have a consistently branded image for all of your correspondence and marketing materials. we can lay out your design for pretty much any item that you would like it to be on.

most clients get matching business cards, postcards for promotion, banners, etc. we can work with whatever printer that you prefer and follow their specifications so that it’s as easy as possible for you. although print work requires much higher resolution graphics than websites do, it usually doesn’t take long to lay these items out since we have all of your original artwork. the charge is our basic maintenance rate of $100 per hour, and depending on the item, it may only take a few minutes to half an hour. also, email newsletters can be customized if you’d like, if you’re using a mailchimp or a constant contact account for mass mailings. email signature files can also be used with some email programs, if they allow it.

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