do you have a website maintenance plan and what does it include?

biondo studio website maintenance planyes we do! keeping your wordpress site’s main software and theme updated regularly can help to protect against malware & viruses, plugin conflicts, outdated php, and other fun things that the average person does not need to think about. we have a plan which can be billed at $100.00 every 3 months where we will regularly check to make sure that everything is up to date, backed up, and running smoothly. (this does not include content updates nor if a site is already infected with malware or a virus, although those services are available for an hourly fee.) this is a preventative measure that will keep your current mobile-friendly wordpress site happy and healthy and quite possibly save money in the long run.

please note that this is for full mobile-friendly wordpress sites only. please contact us and we will get your site scheduled to begin.

what is an SSL certificate and why would i need one?
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