what is an SSL certificate and why would i need one?

until just a few years ago, sites that had ecommerce ability and had forms for credit card info, etc. needed to have something called an SSL certificate on it in order to encrypt the data and keep it secure. you can see which sites do or don’t have this protection by looking at the URL bar and seeing if there’s a padlock before the address or not. secure sites also have a prefix of “https” rather than “http.” in more recent years, SSL certificates have been encouraged for all websites and are almost mandatory. having a secure website is more important now than ever, especially when it comes to google rankings. websites without an SSL certificate are purposely left out of search ranking results because google wants to only promote secure sites. in other words, your site will rank higher with an SSL certificate. if you don’t have an SSL, your site data may be more open to hackers. with an SSL, you are ensured that all data passed between the server and browser will remain private.

in order to hook up your SSL, some situations or companies are more tricky than others. please contact us if you’d like to have an SSL certificate installed and we will analyze to come up with the best and simplest procedure for getting this done for you.

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