what is the design process for a website?

this is one of the main things discussed in the initial consultation and we talk about the details in order to get a clear picture of exactly what you want and would like to convey before an estimate is written up. examples using photos or links that you like helps with this process as the design is an extension of your personality and business and represents you. some projects we’ve done were created with very little direction and others had more specific criteria to follow. we are always open to try different ideas, learning new methods, and want every project to be unique.

we are happy to collaborate with the client and bring their ideas to reality. however, there are technical methods and creative reasons for making some designs in a certain way, which is the role of a designer. if you are interested in taking on the role of the designer, rather than to work as a team, it may be more economical to hire a production artist. the work in our portfolio gives an indication of the type of work that we do, which encompasses a broad range of styles.

a draft of the homepage design is the first step, it is the first thing that people will see and it sets the tone for the rest of the site. website drafts will include a total of 3 revisions (original draft + 2 additional sets of changes) within the style and concept as outlined in the estimate. additional changes to the design past those initial 3 can be created for an additional fee. it is a rare occurrence, but a total re-direction of the project after we’ve started working can also be done for an additional fee. in most cases, we have the design nailed down by the third revision and once the design is finalized and the homepage is built, we carry over the look and style to the inside pages of the site and create the rest of the site. after the template is built for the interior pages, the client submits their complete and edited info and we input it for them. once all pages are complete and we launch the site, the client many times has the ability to edit page content themselves, or else we are available for maintenance.


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