how can i keep my website secure from hackers?

paying attention to anything odd on your website is important. wordpress websites, and especially those with blogs, can be targeted by hackers. google is requiring all websites to get an SSL certificate these days for data encryption. it’s important to keep your wordpress software and plugins updated so that your site can benefit from the latest security updates. if you’re unsure of how to do this, feel free to ask us and we will tune-up your site with all of the latest software versions. it’s a good idea to have us do it for you, because occasionally a new wordpress update will conflict with an older hosting server, or a plugin and we can usually quickly resolve this.

it’s also important to change your password to something complicated and difficult. you can have wordpress generate one for you automatically by going into the “users” section in the sidebar and then over to “your profile” and then at the bottom of the page hit “generate password.” please don’t lose your password, and you can also give us a copy for safe-keeping if you’d like.

if all else fails and you do get hacked, all is not lost. we do sell a very reasonably priced malware scanner and remover over at this product can remove malware from your site, clean your server of infected files, and then protect your site for the next year or more from future attacks.

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